Summa Cum Laude

Welcome to a new type of restaurant

Imagine a place, where you meet good friends to enjoy affordable quality with an individual touch. Think of a restaurant that you will remember like a familiar experience from your childhood: Someone is taking care in a chilled atmosphere and lets you recognize the new in the known – connected by the feeling to go out for dinner, but sitting at the table in a T-shirt like at home ...“ welcome at SummaCumLaude!

Don’t dress up for having egg Benedict. But enjoy it like you are used to do in the finest hotels and restaurants. SummeCumLaude is the place, where premium quality meets casual ambient.

Experience a new style of breakfast – if you want from 8 am to 10 pm. Find new dishes throughout the entire day and arrange yourself for studying, working or just relaxing alone or with friends.

You can’t reserve a table, but we love to take and prepare your order before you arrive.